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Modern technologies and ecologically free manufacturing allows our company disposing products at the markets of Europe and Russia.

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Additional information
Is the fire wood worse than some charcoal?

Unlike fire wood the charcoal does not give a flame and isolate any volatile substances at the burning. For example, the embers are necessary for preparing of shashlik or potato instead of a flame otherwise the products will burn. If you consider that the wood is more economical you are deeply mistaken. The productivity of fire wood does not exceed 10% from the productivity of a charcoal.

Government Standards for the charcoal

As the all products the charcoal has its Government Standards. The Government Standards 7657-84 and Government Standards 7657-94 The charcoal of marks A, B, C is in Russia for the charcoal. Besides there is The Government Standards 24260-94 The wood raw materials for a pyrolysis and for the burning coal . The raw materials for the burning coal divides into 3 groups on species. Physical and chemical indices of the charcoal should satisfy the requirements pointed at the Government Standards 7657-94.

Interesting facts

As archeological excavations showed the cavemen had used the charcoal as fuel. They had scorched the wood material for receiving the charcoal and heated their dwellings in such a way.